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Sonex 982 Sierra X-ray
Welcome to the construction and testing index page for Sonex N982SX.
I’m Bob Meyers and I started building my Sonex Aircraft in October of 2006 at my home in downtown Chicago. I recieved my Airworthiness Certificate 8/10/2010 and first flight was a week later on 8/17/2010
This page has been created as the index to my more than 160 Sonex building logs that document the construction of my Sonex.
With construction and flight testing completed, I am now enjoying my Sonex whenever I want.
While I have discontinued posting to this page and my building blog I plan on leaving it available to all who find it helpful or interesting.
Last update to this page - November 7, 2011
Getting Ready
Vertical Stabilizer
Horizontal Stabilizer
Polished Pieces
Wings Started
Rear Spars
Main Spars
Right Main Spar Riveting
Left Main Spar Riveting
Start Wing Rib Prep
Aileron Bell Cranks
Wing Rib Fitting
Engine Parts Arrive
More Distractions
Wing Rib Fitting Cont.
Wing Frame Riveting
Left Wing Skin Drilling
Left Wing Interior HW
Left Wing Skin Riveting
Right Wing Skin Drilling
Right Wing Interior HW
Right Wing Skin Riveting
Engine Assembly
Enigma Power On
Aft Fuselage
Forward Fuselage
Landing Gear
Attaching the Wings
Attaching the Stabilizers
Rigging the Controls
Misc Catch Up
Electrical System
Fuel System
More Misc Work
Firewall Forward
Finish Up
Prep for Airworthiness
Now Flying
Feel free to e-mail me, I love talking about my airplane...
Bob Meyers
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