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Since my last log file I have kept busy, just not all work that makes for good pictures.  I fussed around quite a bit with the engine to make sure the prop hub was at the right spot.  I had to do that before I could start to fit the cowling.  I also had to diagnose a problem with my external power supply and have sent it back to Sporty’s for warranty repair.  My airplane electrical system responded correctly however, by detecting an over voltage problem and then disconnecting the external power feed automatically.

With the engine positioned correctly I could start on the cowling.  The plans call for a wooden block to be attached to the prop hub that can be used to hold the nose of the cowling pieces at the correct position.  It was simple to make. I had to recess a five inch diameter hole 5/32”.  I used my fly cutter to outline the recess and then used a router to clean out the interior.  Picture two shows where my router went outside of the lines.  It was hard to see the edge!

      I could have just mounted it without cutting it out as a round plate but it was easy enough to do so I cut it on the band saw.  Then I mounted it to the prop hub.