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This is a more upbeat log than my previous canopy log.  Like that one, I won’t hold you in suspense until the end.  The second canopy was installed successfully. However, I did think a lot about the process and tested out many ideas to prevent cracking the second canopy and will show you the results in the next few pages.

I ordered another canopy (thanks Sonex for the discount policy on a replacement) and it is shown in the second picture. In the first picture, I am taking advantage of having a fitted – although cracked – canopy and trying it out for size with my standard seat sling. The results of that test lead to my making and trying out the lowered seat sling in my Sonex (see the previous log entry where I discuss how I built my Sonex to work with either one).

      These two pictures give you a good look at the crack I got while drilling my canopy.