Before I show you the new stuff, here are some images prior to starting to build again last week, and after the last posting.

In my last post I had finished the Vertical Stabilizer.  When I did, I noticed a bad rivet.  Since I was taking a planned break I decided I would wait to QC all the rivets.  

When I QC'd the rivets, I was shocked at how many bad ones I had.  I leave it to you to count them if you want to know how many there were (they are circled in red).
      I consulted with the tech support and ended up drilling them all out and resetting them.  The result is below.

      I have also changed the settings on my rivet gun.  I lowered the pressure to 40 #/sq in from 75. It works very well.

      This shot also has the two flaps on the table, so you are looking at all the completed parts as of the time this was taken (around Christmas).