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It was a dark and stormy night…

I feel that I should write some meaningful prose here to describe my lack of progress over the last four weeks.  Not a lot to say really.  I got sick, Kathy got sick. Kathy got sick again! I did manage to get about five hours of flight time in despite the weather.

Mostly I seem to have hit a mental wall cutting all the forward fuselage angle.  I wouldn’t call it hard or tricky but it is time consuming and somewhat boring.  My mind has drifted which has caused some stupid mistakes and I seem to take every opportunity to leave the shop.

Hmmm, too bad the new $2000 optional pre made angle pieces were not available when I ordered my kit. It would definitely be worth it.  Well over half of the 70 plus angle pieces in the optional kit are in the forward fuselage.

So let’s see what I actually did over the last four weeks.

Here are four simple angle pieces.

      And here are two trimmed hinge pieces, and two more angle pieces that took all of about 30 minutes to mark up and cut.