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It’s been awhile since I added a post. Airventure came and went as well as family and non-airplane projects that took up a lot of time. However, I did keep at it with a little work here and there.  I have also started to make good progress over the last week and should have more time for the airplane.

In the last post, I had made the harnesses for the comm. and transponder and powered them up. I hooked up a temp antenna to both just in case I accidentally transmitted. (I didn’t).  In my tests however, I found that while the intercom on the radio worked perfectly as well as all the menu setup and selection options, the radio would not receive or transmit.  I contacted the vendor and they swapped the radio out for me at Airventure for a known issue.

I did go ahead and start mounting the antenna.  I made a support/doubler plate and fitted it in place.