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With all changes made, and the full panel tested. It was time to start the planned bundling of the wires. These two pictures show the antenna lead coming from the radio and running up to its support.  My non-structural channel that I added had some interference with the connector, so I made a cut and bent the channel to clear the connector.

      The first picture below shows the main bundle loop and the bundle that goes to the port side of the radio. The main bundle loop contains all the wires that go to and from the panel. They run forward and then back to the rear channel.  From there the bundle splits with the first split going to the port side of the radio. The main bundle continues on and some wires run to the Enigma. The bulk of the wires then split off and go to the starboard side of the Enigma.

      There is a small bundle of audio wiring and spares that continue on and terminate on the starboard fuselage skin.  Because of the main loop, I can snip a couple of wire tires that support the bundle, unscrew the panel and pull the panel aft. All the wiring will follow, with enough room to service the panel.