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After the kit was all put away, I still had more work to finish setting up the shop. I still had to get some tools and supplies as well as find storage space and workspace for them. This compressor was a gift from my Mom and Dad to use with the riveter.  My Dad and I made a trip to HF to pick up some other stuff as well.  If all you use is a pneumatic rivet puller then this compressor is all you need.

The first weekend in October my Dad and I went to the Sonex workshop. Although I looked over the plans many times as well as all the kit pieces, I decided to hold off getting started until after the workshop. Then I was ready, I started on the flaps.  They are fairly simple and when you are done, you have something big to show people. The second pictures shows all the kit pieces laid out and ready to start.

Pictures three and four show the assembly of the flap drive horn. The yellow clamps proved troublesome and I eventually replaced them with vise-grip clamps with pads.