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Yes, it has been a very long time between posts.  To be fair however, I have put up some – although not many – blog posts since the last log with pictures four months ago.

Much of what is in this log is covered by those posts, but now that I have enough pictures of some interesting things I thought I would let you see what has been happening.  I’m also quite certain that there won’t be a lot of posts here, or in the blog for the next several months.  Winter is clearly arriving and I can’t imagine I will be out flying or working in the unheated hanger much until spring.

So what have I got for pictures? The first two are after a very early flight were I had a problem with one cylinder when running on only the secondary ignition.  It turned out to be a fouled plug. The second picture shows how I tested all four plugs from electronic trigger to spark to determine there was no problems with the triggers, coils or wires.  I attached the plug wires and turned the trigger magnet by hand and observed spark at each of the grounded plugs before I installed a new set of four lower plugs.

There has not been a repeat of that problem since. I have also finally got the secondary spark timing adjusted very well, although it took a lot of futzing over many early flights.  Getting it adjusted was the main contributor to lowering my CHT’s.

      Picture three shows one of many small things I did to attack temperature problems. I attached this small shield on the exhaust pipe to help block the radiant heating of the fuel lines.

      Picture four shows one of the reasons I had to remedy what was a worrisome oil leak that showed up in the first few hours of flight.  This picture is the second air filter after only a few hours in flight.  At five hours of total time on the engine I finally bit the bullet and did what had to be done to fix it.