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To torque the gland nut when I first built the engine I bought a nice heavy duty torque wrench on sale.  The torque value of the gland nut is about 230 ft/lbs and you need some way to hold the crank while you torque the nut.  I built the contraption in the first picture to both break and torque the nut.

The last two picture show some additional unscheduled work. In the third picture you can see some of the potting covering the alternator stator has chipped away. All of the thin layers of potting had cracked or chipped to some extent. I simple removed it from all of the thin areas as can be seen in the last picture.

I did examine the potting and the rotating magnets and there doesn’t seem to have been any contact or damage.  It appears that the stator expanded enough with the heat of the engine to crack the potting.