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I was building spars for the wings but now I feel like I’m finally building wings.  Of course it took me a few days of non-building wings to get here.  The shop was getting messy and disorganized after all the work on the rear and main spars.  Plus, my daughter is back from school and wants some of her room back.

The spars needed some more cleaning after the updrilling of the holes.  The first picture shows some of the ‘blue dots’ that I had to pull off of the rivet heads.  This is tape that was mashed between the bucking bar and the head.  The rest of the tape pulled away leaving the blue dots.  They actually looked very nice. They came off easily but it took a little time.

I also decided to work on the left wing first so I had to get the right spars out of the way.  They fit in the overhead rack that the flaps and rudder were in for awhile.  The flaps are in the girl’s room – out of the way – and will stay there for now.

    These two pictures show the storage location of the right rear and main spars.