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Yep, instead of starting on the fuselage, I have been playing around with the avionics.

I had to make over 100 pounds of fudge since I finished the engine, so while taking breaks from that activity, I have powered up my Enigma EFIS.  I have also been playing with the simulation software that comes with it and have learned how to operate it fairly well.  It is very straight forward to use.

The simulation software is also the screen designer program. It is also very straight forward to use but requires a lot of detail to describe each page.  Mine came pre-loaded with all nine available screens pre-configured, but I can replace or modify any of them as I wish.

Note the first two pictures. They are the same screen but in the second one I have tilted the gyro package as if I was in a climbing steep turn.  Of course I'm at ground level doing 0 mph.  It has a GPS built in as well as a terrain database and complete vector map of North America loaded.  Plus all airport and navaid data is also preloaded.

I will describe it in detail in some later posts but it is very cool.