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With the last post, I had finished off updrilling all the pieces installed. I had also borrowed some more clecos so that I could make and install the lower aft cabin pieces before having to take the whole forward fuselage apart and rivet.

I had most of the pieces made and pilot drilled. Picking up from there I made this customized version of a piece that supports the bottom of the seat. I am making a ‘Universal’ seat Sonex.  Since I have dual controls, I can do the lower seat mod. I made all the mods to the pieces according to the optional lower seat spec sheet.

What I did in addition, is modify this piece so that it can support both the lowered seat sling and a slightly modified regular seat sling! I also upgraded the called out .032 angle to .125 angle as suggested by Sonex.

To make this piece universal, I attached both the standard hinge and the lowered mod hinge.  Since the .125 angle is much beefier and causes the hinges to move around from their plan location anyway, I modified it in a way that it could take both.

      With that done, I made the channel that the above piece will attach to in the plane. This piece has a number of pieces that attach to it so support other pieces.