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Well, like I said I would last time, I took it real slow yesterday just to make sure everything was just right. Several of the pieces needed minor touch ups but no issues after inspection.

The next thing I did was construct a test piece for round head and flush head rivets.  I drilled enough holes to rivet 10 of each.  After six of each kind, I had the pressure set right and the timing was also good so I went ahead and set up four of each kind and did a test production run of eight rivets.  They came out looking terrific.  They are the left most four of each row in the two pictures below.

The upset heads are all well within tolerances.  The flush rivets are flush and the round head rivets flatten the same way and amount as with the bolt method. Good to go.

      I started by reviewing the plans carefully and getting all the rivets in the correct location.  Lots of size changes and type changes as the angle pieces have several different thicknesses and depending on location the rivet may or may not be a flush head.

      This shot is after all of the flush heads have been inserted.