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After finishing up the riveting on Saturday I found I spent most of Sunday just looking and not doing any work.  I was so unproductive, I visited the RV guys and showed them my rivet sample, looked at their cowling work and watched them test fit an induction air intake and their baffles.  Then we sat around and talked and I pretty much ruined their productivity as well!

Before I visited the RV guys, I did test fit the wing in the garage.  With clecos in place on the Left Main Spar I couldn’t connect them, but I could set them up close to each other and get the first overall glimpse of the scale of the wing in the garage.

The garage door was closed with the near end about an inch inside of it, and the far end was a good 8 inches inside of the far wall.  Plenty of room.

      The second picture is the start of today’s work.  The table is all cleaned up, the spar positions are reversed and I just have to take apart and clean up the Left Main Spar.

      After I took apart the spar, I test fit the mating surface against the Right Main Spar.  It fits and clears all rivets and bolts.