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Picking right up were I left off, here are six pictures of the fabrication of the oil cooler. The first two pictures show the supplied pre-cut sheets.  I had to form the angles and in the second picture, make the cut out were the flow of air is deflected through the cooler.  The oil cooler is optional, and if you don’t add it, the shroud just channels the air over the bottom surface of the engine, which is the oil sump.

The next two pictures show the deflector that I fabricated from scrap and its location on the shroud.

The last two pictures show the oil cooler itself with a half round hole cut into it and the cooler mounted on the shroud.  The hole is for the oil drain hole and also will house the oil temp sendor (my case has a blockoff plate at another location that can be used for the oil temp sendor but I have to drill and tap the hole.  I may do that).

The oil cooler fabrication is finished but it will not get mounted until engine installation time.