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The starter is shown installed in the first picture. Just two large bolts hold it in. There will be a ground strap that attaches from here to the block and then back to the battery. Sonex recommends this because the red anodizing and the loctite on the bolts may prevent a good solid grounding of the starter to the engine block.

The second picture shows the first trial fitting of the intake manifold. The engine is configured for updraft intake so the carb will attach at the bottom of the ‘Y’ with the air filter below that.

There is a small metal strip at the bottom of the ‘Y’ that is not visible in this picture. It attaches the intake to the engine case. It needs some bending to get lined up and around the magneto.

      Before attaching the intake, it needed to be cleaned out.  What a mess. It took four passes of the contraption on the left before the paper towels came out clean.  I pity the poor guy who installs his intake manifold without cleaning it.