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Well, with the engine built, a lot of space taken up by all the boxed components was freed up. So a major cleanup and reorganization of space was in order.  First up, the ladder – which had been at Scott’s place until just before his wedding – had to be re-hung in a new location since a wing is now strapped to the ceiling in its old location.

Second the shelving along the west wall is in process of being sorted out. The bottom shelf is now dedicated to all cleaning and polishing materials.  The top shelf still needs work.

      These are the last items in need of a new home and there is now plenty of space under the table and on the south wall shelves.

      I will leave it as a mystery as to what is next.  My turn at fudge making starts now so I will only be lightly building and adding reports from now until Christmas.  What I have in mind will fit in nicely with limited building.