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After messing up those four pieces last week I found it hard to get started again.  I took a short break after the last post, and today got back at it.

These are the only pictures for today but they actually show a lot of work.

In the first picture, on the left, you can see the assembly I made in the last post. Next to it are the three pieces that need to be made into the opposite side assembly (shown completed in picture two).

Next to that are the four recut angle pieces to replace the ruined pieces. The remaining pieces to the left and in the foreground are all the remaining angle pieces cut to length. I decided to do that now and get all of those cuts out of the way. I cut a total of 25 pieces out of three different stocks. I have gone back and rechecked them all so I don't expect any more to be too short.

The four pieces I had to remake used about 85" of 1/8x1x1 angle stock. I would have been short of material except that I had bought some extra to make one 37" piece that the plans call out using a lighter weight angle. You can still build it with the lighter material but Sonex now suggests making the piece with the heavier material.

When I remake those four parts tomorrow I will have made up the lost ground and be moving forward again.