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The wing had been flipped in the last post, so it was time to prep for the bottom skin.  I forgot to draw my line up marks before flipping but was able to do it after the flip without any problems.  The holes attaching the top and bottom skins to the spar must line up vertically with each other or the Leading Edge skin will not fit.

Before skinning I also had to drill the holes for the bellcrank support through the top skin.  Of course I leveled and made sure the wing remained square.  Then I fitted the bottom skin.  It went right on and lined up perfectly.

      After measuring and measuring again and again, I was sure the wing was level and square and the skin lined up with all marks and edges. So time to drill, and start the march of the clecos!  I love the march of the clecos, so here are a bunch of progress pictures while the clecos conquer the bottom skin.