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Lots of little things since the finishing of the electrical system.  To install the fuel system, I have to finish all of the little things in the forward fuselage. I don’t want to have to do much up there once the tank is in.

For example, one of the things I had held off on was final installation of the cotter pins in the rudder pedals.  I wanted to wait until it was time to close up to do final checks. So cotter pins are all in for bolts that don’t need to be removed for the trip to the airport.

The first picture shows a garage that is getting hard to keep clean, but real soon now the wings will come off and I will be able to work more easily in the garage again.  A good clean up is overdue.

The second picture is interesting. I now have a cable coming from my headphone jack that runs to an input on my stereo in the garage. I listen to KMDW traffic while I work.

      These pictures show the prepping for the steering rod boot install. I want this done before the tank goes in. The first picture shows the boot after it has been trimmed. The second picture shows the material I cut off from the Cessna boot.