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The first picture shows the installation of a bolt I was missing and finally got around to ordering. It is the top bolt on the idler arm.  These bolts have now received there cotter pins.

You can’t tell, but the two seat belts have been swapped. I decided to make both seats open with a pull with the right hand.  I had set them up more like a car. The outer belts will be swapped when the wings come off. The second picture shows a mod to the seat to accommodate the lowered seat mods.  Since I’m not going to make a lowered seat pan unless I don’t like the fit, this is probably unique to my airplane.

      These picture show a repaired strobe light.  My right wing strobe has been flashing very irregularly. I thought it was the power unit but testing showed it was the flash tube assembly.  I replaced the flash tube assembly and it now works great.