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This is not a happy log entry.  Rather than wait until the end, I’ll break the bad news right away.  The canopy cracked during install.  It was trimmed to size and I had started drilling.

Details of that near the end. For now, here is how I got started on the canopy.

It has been in the 40’s and 50’s here for awhile now and I wanted to make sure I had the canopy and the workspace heated up.  The garage has been the same as the house so I hadn’t needed the space heater. However, I wanted the workspace and everything in it to be a toasty 80°. So before I got the canopy out, I set up my space heater under the fuselage – the bottom skin is off – with a fan circulating air up through the front fuselage. It didn’t take long to turn the garage into a sweatshop. The temp reading in the third picture is taken off the canopy after a couple of days in this environment.  When everything was heat soaked I got started.