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To get to bolting on the wings, I had to go through a couple more construction steps.  First up, drill some titanium.

I can’t finish the fuselage until the landing gear legs are fitted to the landing gear weldments. That involves drilling a bolt hole through the weldment and the titanium landing gear leg.  As I wrote in another post, I had already located and drilled the starting hole through the weldments. I then fitted the rod into the weldment and marked the whole location. Then I put the rod in my hole centering jig and clamped it down.  Working at low speed and peck drilling with plenty of cutting fluid I got very nice holes in both rods.

          These two pictures show the weldments with the fitted rods. To get the bolt in, I drilled the back side hole from the front hole going through the hole in the fitted titanium rod. I will do the lower part of the landing gear installation later.