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Well, I thought I would be pulling wire by now, but revision after revision followed by vacillation on how to solve some problems has combined for a lot of effort with little to show for it.

But it has been fun!

The first picture goes back aways to my second quick layout for the firewall components. The second picture shows the engine mount back on so I can map out the best location for things. You can see two things taped to the firewall if you look hard, the oil separator and the smoke system tank.  They are taped on in there close to final position.

I then started marking on the firewall locations for all the rest of the parts, including the new one in the third picture. It has future uses but for now it will measure current in the short heavy wire that will be the feed for all power to the ship.

I have also found the location of the battery on the firewall.  In this picture it is sitting in the cabin where it can power the light show.  It now has help from the 25amp 12vdc power supply/battery charger it is sitting on.