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It was a busy week. I got some building done but I ran into some dead ends.

This first picture is actually from today but I have to start with today to show the dead ends.  In this picture are two prototype vent panels. Unfortunately I was unhappy with both of them. The completed panel on the left is the finished product. The clamped piece on the right is test piece number two. Test piece number one is just visible behind the two pieces. It is very similar to test piece number two. It just has one inch sides all around.

    I was not that unhappy with number one, I just decided I could improve it and make it a little stiffer by extending the mounting bracket back and supporting it with more triangular sides. I had some problems bending number one but thought I could overcome them in number two.

    These pictures show the paper template and the .032” piece as it is being cut out. The template folded up very nicely and made a super looking piece. The resulting cut aluminum did not fold up well. No matter how I tried to engineer the folding process I was stuck trying to bend several sides without any way to grip the piece. I had to come up with something different.