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The text below will describe the problem shown in these pictures.

(Please Note: I'm leaving this page up mostly as was first published, but the solution explained below was not the correct way to solve the problem.  See the next log for the actual solution.  
          Both cowl halves have been fitted and are clecoed in place. In addition a laser line was used to mark the center cut lines on each half while they were mounted as shown above.  Note the blue tape on the nose gear strut.  This was placed on the gear while the right cowl half was installed and was used to check the location of the bottom of the left cowl half as it was fitted.  All seemed well.

              The two pictures above were taken after the cowl halves were cut on the center trim lines marked by the laser. The top is perfect. From the gear leg aft, the cowl halves also line up nicely on the underside.

                  In the first picture above, the view is right on the center line. The center lines match. However as you step to the side the next two pictures show that from the prop hub to the nose gear, the left cowl drops down about an inch lower than the right cowl.  The cowl is too rigid to compensate.

                      The last picture shows my proposed solution. Essentially I would cut too wedges out of the cowl and reform the surface of the right cowl. These wedges would have small circles cut at their ends for stress relief. I would then glass the reshaped right cowl back together again.   (As noted above, the following is NOT how I solved the problem.  See the next log for that.)