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This is the 50th Sonexlog Journal.  I did eight in the picture only format and have done 42 in this format.  Looking at the official log, I now have over 325 build hours, all of it documented in build order in these journals. I will probably finish the wings in the 400 to 500 hour area leaving only the fuselage and firewall forward area to go.

I am going to start a set of journals that are organized by components and then link them to a web page for access.  The blog will always be where the latest info is and will remain in build order. The component journals might even have some pictures I didn’t use in these journals for completeness – but that is for another day. I don’t expect to start on them until after the wings are done and I have my license.

Today’s order of business was to start on the bellcranks for the ailerons.  I gathered up all the raw stock and the hardware.  I drilled out these kit supplied arms and test fitted all the bushings etc.  This is my first use of castle nuts and drilled bolts with cotter pins to secure the nuts. I won’t add the cotter pins of course until final assembly.