They are done, but before I started to assemble them, I did a few more tweaks to my shop and tool bag.

Here is the new offset rivet tool.  Another Sonex builder posted a picture of his improvement to the basic offset tool – put the angle in the tool.  It works much nicer.  I wanted it for the spars because they have a lot of rivets that the gun can’t get at directly.
    My table has been great but when I built it I thought the unevenness of the 2x4’s and the table top comforming to their shape would be acceptable. However, with the next pieces I don’t want them following the shape of the table with any dips etc. The dips in the center and slight waviness in the edges was too much I decided.

    So I shimmed it up real nice.  It is much nicer and I won’t worry about the unevenness anymore – even though it probably was no problem.