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Well, mostly riveted.  All the rivets that I plan on riveting now are done. I still have 20 out of almost 300 to do.  This first picture shows the remaining rivets. The nearest stretch of blue tape with the two clecos  is all that remains.

These rivets are inaccessible when using the rivet gun.  I will have to use the bolt method and a modified bolt at that.  This is not a surprise and even if I had used the bolt method all the way through I would still have saved these for last.  My plan is to do them when I do the same ones on the Left Main Spar.

    These pictures are after doing the bulk of the rivets in the outboard section of the spar.  The rivets under the blue tape have the heads reversed.  My rule for riveting the spar is factory head on the thin web material and upset head on the thick spar material.

    The spar had to be turned over here to do these rivets and some others.