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It’s been three weeks since I was able to put up the last post on moving to the airport. That post was as enjoyable to write as it was to actually do the move. The intervening three weeks have been no less enjoyable even if I couldn’t share many pictures.

It seems it was repair time for the computer I use to produce these logs. I also hit a pothole going to the airport one morning and later discovered that it bent my wheel. The tire somehow managed to hold pressure but it was not safe to drive it. Since my computer was considered ‘vintage’ it turned out to be a slow process to get it fixed. Likewise my car. Cadillac had none in stock and had to find one. These caused some minor scheduling problems for me but I was able to work on the plane just fine.

I did post some text updates on my blog to keep everybody informed of my progress, which has gone really well. I also managed to get a trip to Oshkosh in so I couldn’t be happier. It has been very different to not have the plane in the garage. I have had to plan my work sessions to a much larger extent then I did at home.  It has also taken time to organize a usable shop at the hanger.  I went from knowing where every tool and part was to barely being able to find a wrench. Not to mention the inevitable need of a part or tool that was not at the location I was at, including paper documentation.

Mostly that is all behind me now so here in a nutshell is the last three weeks of work. The first picture is the first day back at the airport after the move.  Kathy came with me for some of the early sessions until I no longer needed a hand.  She has moved on to her upstairs renovation project but will come out whenever I need her.

The second picture is after I finished up tightening and cotter keying all of the wing nuts.  It would be one of the last times I would have this view since the aft bottom skin could now be attached.

Next up I connected the wiring harnesses to the wings and tested the wing tip installation.  All was well, so I riveted the wingtips on and the wings were finally closed up. I used aluminum rivets so that it will be pretty easy to remove the wingtips should I need to.