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Since the plane is essentially done. It is actually difficult to have a lot of pictures showing what’s going on.  Case in point, the first three seemingly boring pictures.  There are several hours separating the first two from the last but in the last one the engine has been run!  I will post a youtube video in the future of the first run. I did post a description of the first run in the blog.

The first attempt consisted of three hits of the starter button with no results. After a debugging session, I determined that everything I had wired up was fine. The problem was the positioning of the trigger magnet. The static position Sonex shows was incorrect for my magnet. It was too advanced. After determining a new position for it and trying again, it started right up.  After some additional adjustments to the magnet and then the mixture, I now have it running very well in a range from about 950 to 3250 RPM.

That was a great feeling. I then took some time off to go up to Oshkosh.  The last picture is of the fire extinguisher I picked up from Wicks at the show and then installed when I got back.