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With the engine mount attached, a quick look at the plans shows it is time to put the gear on!

      So here are all the pieces for the landing gear. Should be easy.

      It was anything but. If you look at the main gear strut in the picture below, you can see that the bushings and the drive cap are not on the strut. They don’t fit, by a lot!

      looking at the plans, they say to make this piece but not paint where the bushing go. With the whole thing powder coated the end of the strut is way to thick.

      I decided to sand it off. I got it down to bare metal from the top down to the maximum distance the bushing would travel. I then took just a little off of the insides of the bushings and the drive cap and it all fit like a glove.

      It was a lot of work but turned out very well.