With the stabilizer portion done, it’s back to the elevators.  Since all the pieces were fabed already, all I had to do was assemble.  The outboard ribs went in real quick. The root ribs – attached to the drive horn was just a little tricky.

The overall width of the elevators had to be 78” and the horn has to be in a specific place – the horn arm is slightly off center.  Positioning the elevator halves in the table jig allows for the horn to float to its correct spot.  However, it could not float to the left enough because of the tab on the left root rib. A few minutes with the vixen file on the left elevator trimmed it just under a 1/16th and the drive horn was in its correct position.

You can see in the second picture that the right root rib is slightly interior to the edge of the skin.  It is not necessary to trim it off.  The plans allow for this float.

      I made a measuring tool for attaching the hinge, I didn’t take a picture of it, but I will later and post it when I assemble the ailerons. The hinge has to be a set width - .057” - below the top surface of the elevator.

      These pictures show the hinge just after pilot drilling the whole thing and then just after updrilling all the holes to the final size.