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It doesn’t look like much, but these four pictures all took a lot of thinking time.  You may notice that the capacitor and relay have changed  orientation in the first picture from what I posted before.  That is because of all the thought I put into where I was going to drill a hole in the firewall and how big it would be.

On the left side of the first picture are two more relays. Finding a home for them has proven difficult as well.  I have a third and I wanted to mount it as well. Three in a row, with an onboard spare, but could not find a good way. I even made a paper model of a mounting structure but in the end only two fit in the assigned space.

      Next up, thinking about throttle and mixture cable routing.  I didn’t have to but I decided to finalize the throttle and mixture location as well. I have always intended it to be on the left side just wasn’t sure were.  I also will leave myself the option of abandoning the throttle quadrant and to go with a pull type throttle.  My issue is how the Aerocarb will need to be mounted with this push type.  I won’t decide that until the Aerocarb is mounted. If I don’t like it I can switch.