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It is surprising how long it takes me to decide on drilling holes in the firewall.  I told Kathy that today, all I did was drill two holes!  And it really feels like that was it even though it was a pretty good day.

I did finalize the position for the gascolator and drilled the two mounting holes and the hole for the fuel line. The second picture shows the push drain on a 45° elbow.  It will sit just above the bottom of the cowl with an access hole to drain the fuel.

      The first picture below shows the pump and valve for the smoke system.  These pieces need to go on the firewall as well. The last picture shows these items in position.  The pump and valve are on an angle which is fine for them. There are all kinds of reasons why I couldn’t go lower and level.  All parts seems to want to interfere with each other.  I had to take on and pull off the engine mount several times before finalizing all these positions.  I’m still worried about the exhaust pipes and the oil separator. Won’t know until I mount the engine if the clearance is enough.