Before I get on with showing aileron progress, some catching up.

It is great to have such a big piece as the Horizontal Stabilizer out of the way, and to really get it out of the way I had to hang it.  Here is the shot of the HS in its new home.  I have envisioned it here since before the kit arrived.  It fits like a glove.

I made a custom bracket out of aluminum angle to hang it on with two 3/16th inch custom pins to attach it with.

    This is my hinge gauge I mentioned.  It doesn’t look like much but it works great. The hinge halves that attach to the control surfaces have to be recessed from the surface by the thickness of the skin and the spar they attach too.  In all cases on the Sonex that is .057” (skin =.025” plus channel=.032”)

    I took scrap of each thickness and riveted them to a larger piece of scrap.  The rivets are flush rivets so that it can sit flat on the table top.  I will add a picture of it in use when I attach a hinge to an aileron.