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In the last log I had just made the deflectors at the bottom of the cowl.  With those on, I would be able to fit the exhaust for cutting.  Picture two shows the first step I had to do to accomplish that.

I had to mount two springs to a clamp.  Of course I had not realized I would need to put another item on the firewall. This was a pain to install but it will not be a pain should I ever have to remove it because I put in the tiny extra effort required to mount a nut plate.  I think it may have been easier to mount the nut plate than to have actually tried to get a nut on from the other side by myself.

I can not stress it enough, mount everything on the firewall that is removable with nutplates. I’m not even doing maintenance yet and they have already saved the time it took to install them.

With the exhaust pipes hanging in position and the cowl installed, I marked the pipes for cutting.