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The first two pictures show the installation of a relay to power the ignition coils.  Since the juice for the ignition coils comes from the always hot buss on the forward side of the firewall and they need 10 amps, I don’t route the power to the panel.  I route a smaller feeder from the always hot buss to the ignition switch on the panel and it controls the relay. This allows me to stay within the rule that no feeders larger than seven amps come through the firewall from the always hot buss.  Of course these feeders are fused but the seven amp limit is a best practice to keep out larger feeders that can’t be shut off even if fused. (If you're thinking it looks like a kludge because I didn't fully work it out correctly in my original plans - you would be correct)

Picture three shows the intake pipes with 1/8” removed for clearance. I’ll talk more about this when I install the Aerocarb.

The last picture is just a cap for the bottom of the oil separator. It was one of a long list of the parts I mentioned procuring in the previous logs.