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Next up, the EGT sensors had to be installed four inches from the exhaust port.  One for each cylinder.

Then it was time to finish off some nits on the firewall. There were actually three rivets on the upper to lower firewall seam that I had not done because of interference with some of my wiring bundles.  I waited until the final wiring to make room to get them installed.  After they were in I had to RTV the rivet line as well as the big gaps around the upper motor mount brackets and the upper firewall to windscreen attachment.  Gotta keep that CO1 out of the cabin.

The last picture shows the grounding straps installed.  I removed the anodizing under the starter bolt holes and shined the bottom of the starter up as well to get a nice ground between it and the mounting plate.  I then ran one strap from the starter to the engine block and the other strap back to the battery negative post.  You can also see the red number four welding cable that is now attached to the starter.  The heavy cables are more of the recently procured items.