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While making progress on the forward fuselage angles, I diverted some attention to helping Chris Williams get his Sonex back in the air. While helping Chris, this also provided me an excellent opportunity to learn how to bring an Aerovee to life.

Chris also moved to a new hanger at C56 (Bult). Since he was not quite ready when his lease was up at GYY (Gary) he used my hanger at GYY for a few nights. The first picture is my hanger at GYY with the remainder of Chris’s stuff.

The second picture is Chris’s plane, outside of his old hanger, ready for a first run after the rebuild of the Aerovee.

      The first picture below is Chris checking wiring after we failed to get the engine to fire.  This day we verified fuel flow, spark, and rough timing but no go.

      The second picture is a few days later after Chris’s first flight test. A half hour later he made the short hop to C56 and got into his new hanger.

      By now Chris had figured out that in re-hooking up all the wiring, the trigger wires to the coils had gotten reversed.  We took care of that, got the engine running smoothly after Aerocarb adjustments and fine tuning the timing.  He will concentrate now on getting the temps in line.