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Long time no posts, a few things to catch up on.

Since the last posting, Shelagh gave me a completed Sonex!  This was my father’s day present made of tape, toothpicks, paper and pennies. It actually looks like a Sonex.

      After the last post, I took apart the left wing. Before putting the left wing away, I got down the right wing spars from storage and drilled out the mounting holes.  I was not happy with the 1/4” holes and had decided to drill the out to 5/16”.  I was even less happy with those holes!

      I decided that I didn’t want to drill them out in the airplane, even with my piloted 3/8” reamer so I did it on the workbench.  I am happy with the result, but I have departed from the suggested method.  I am going to use a 3/8” centering bit when I attach the wings. This bit will ride in the drilled hole without cutting and drill through the spar tunnel, four simple holes and no updrilling.  I think the result will be excellent.

      Here are four pictures of the drilled wings with the 3/8” attach bolts in place with a bunch of washers standing in for the spar tunnel material.