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The last post ended with silver clecos holding the flap hinge on.  The first picture below shows those all updrilled to the final size.

The second picture shows the result of some more cleco management. I have a larger number of copper clecos but I will have to have both wings held together at the same time because of the build schedule.  That means I have to hold the left wing together with about half of the total number of copper clecos I have.

Why not rivet now?  I’m having the plane looked at by an EAA Technical counselor.  There is no legal requirement to do so but I want a knowledgeable set of eyes to look at the plane at a couple of key points during construction to help keep it safe.  It is one of the main reasons I joined an EAA chapter.

I have set up with him to look at my project during the last week of August.  He wants to be able to see as much interior work as possible.  If I rivet the skins he can’t really examine the main spar, which is a very key component.  (And if there is any need for rework, I will still be able to have access.) My plan is to have both wings as close to ready to rivet as possible so that after he looks at it, I can continue uninterrupted.