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Just like last year, the holidays have prevented any long stretch of serious building.  However, I have kept busy with little things and am starting to warm up to full scale production soon.

I did continue to play with the avionics. I wired up some EGT and CHT probes, as well as the ambient air temp probe.  I also made a crude version of the main bus with my backup GPS and ammeter wired in.

    These two pictures show how the ammeter indicates not only how much juice is flowing but from where to where.  In the first picture below, the negative value indicates the battery is discharging and supplying the voltage – my bench top power supply is switched off. The second picture simulates the positive value that would be displayed when the alternator is supplying the juice.  The values on the meter are not calibrated yet. I need to add a resistor to get the values correct – they are high by a factor of two in these images.