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While cracking the fitted canopy – as reported in the last log - was disappointing, it did give me an opportunity to fit myself into my Sonex with the canopy on and the seat sling installed.  I also had seat foam all ready to test.

The results were not unexpected and led to some work I had preplanned for.

I am just a little larger than an FAA standard passenger, so fitting in a Sonex is not really a problem for me with the standard seat. However, using the headphones I like, I have found that flying in my friends Sonex, I have to sit with my head slightly cocked with both of us onboard.  Even with just myself I worried about not being comfortable on long flights. Just in case, I built my Sonex per the lowered seat mod plans but added my only really unique feature. The ability to accommodate, and switch between the standard or lowered seat sling.

I only made a standard seat sling thinking that if I fit just fine, there would be no need for the optional one.  What I found in sitting in my Sonex with the canopy on was that two inches of foam for me was out of the question with any headset.  One inch of foam with my standard head set was also a no go.  I though about the in your ear type that leave the head clear, but after a small trial I decided I didn't like the foam in my ears.

Because of this, I decided to make and test fit myself in a lowered seat sling. For you big guys who are going to fly center stick sitting in the middle, you will have plenty of room with the standard seat even with thick foam and bulky headsets.

All of the pictures on this page are a review from the log I made when putting together the aft lower cabin details awhile back.  The first two show the modified angle and hinge piece I made that can be fitted with either seat sling.  I built the aft lower cabin details per the lowered seat mod, as shown in the last two pictures.  I then made a standard seat sling and fitted it.