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I bent the seat sling after fitting the fore and aft hinges. After bending I riveted them in place. I did not fit or rivet the center hinge at this point however.  The next step is the only tricky part.  Since the aircraft already has the fore and aft hinges already attached, you can’t follow the same procedure for attaching a second seat sling as I did for the first one.

In that instance, I attached the seat sling to the aircraft at the center hinge first and then let the fore and aft hinges fall where they lay. To locate and then attach the center hinge – as shown in the last picture, I placed the seat sling in the airplane attached to the forward and upper hinges and with the center hinge attached only to the airplane.  I then marked the location of where the center hinge fell on the seat sling and took it all out and then installed it.