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Yesterday I finished adding most of the pieces I made that get attached to the spar web. That entailed drilling through the web pieces, but only through  existing pilot holes.  If I made a mistake the webs would still be usable, although I might have to remake the piece I was attaching.  I was still very careful and it took a long time to double check and verify the position and stacking order of every piece, including making sure I accounted for Left hand and Right hand differences.

Today was even more exciting.  I clamped up the kit supplied spar caps and then had to make them ready for drilling.  If I had them on wrong or in the wrong position, once I started drilling there was no saving them if I had it wrong.

Lots of measuring, re-measuring, comparing the drawing to the piece, deciding which holes to drill for now and at what size and then deciding to go ahead and drill.

      I ran into my first difficulty before drilling when I test clamped the spar caps.  There were a couple of minor clearance issues with three pieces.  In the two pictures below you can see two angle pieces after I took them down a hair for clearance. I simply rounded off the sharp angle with a quick press on the Scotchbrite wheel.