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To rig the rudder and flaps I had to add all the drive tubes. To rig the elevator and ailerons, I have to add the control yoke.  The yoke is made up of six kit supplied welded components. The first picture shows the frame of the control yoke with both sticks test fitted.  Each stick is made up of two pieces.

In the first picture, the pieces have been reamed or sanded to fit.  Each stick rotates on two large bushings.  Like all the other powder coated components it took a lot of work to get them to fit and rotate smoothly. The second picture shows one of the sticks after the two pieces have been bolted together.

      These two pictures show the control arm that connects the two sticks together so that they move in tandem. There is a small triangular tab on the frame that had to be bent up slightly to clear the movement of this arm.