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For the last couple of weeks now I have been working on the wiring plan.  Apart from down time from a cold, I have gotten quite a bit done.  It just doesn’t show well with pictures.

Last weekend I finished the preliminary plan for the wiring. These first two pictures show the minimal and nice wiring plan supplied by Sonex and some plans from the AeroElectric book that is the electronic bible for so many homebuilt aircraft.

Why not just use the Sonex plans?  Because this is the area that really fascinates me, avionics.  If I do any mods to the plane in the future, this is the area I will explore, different electronic instrumentation, GPS’s etc. This is the area I can work my own design ideas into the plane and have fun and learn at the same time.  So this is where this Sonex becomes my Sonex.

      These next two pictures show how I started.  A list on one side of everything that has to be wired up on the plane, and a list on the other side of all the switches needed to turn stuff on and off. In the middle was the very first attempt to put all of these items on paper in the format from the AeroElectric.

          These next two pictures show first, another rough but mostly final layout and second, a BOM for all the parts called out in the drawing.  Also included is first draft of a panel and a fuse block mount.