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The two finished clips with a third made from channel.  The third one is wrong but usable. Unlike my earlier Z channel error when I misread the print, this time I just didn’t even look at the projection before I cut the piece.  I had it done and realized the flange that is coming up was supposed to be going down.

I say it is useable because I will just mount it from the right side instead of the left at its location.  I still have to verify that it only connects to the pieces I think it connects to.  As long as it does there are no mechanical reasons it will not work on the opposite side of its attachment point.

The only two pieces I think it attaches to are the two square aluminum tube in the second picture – now cut to length. They are the floor and firewall stiffeners.  

This material came in my Wicks hardware order as one three foot piece. That was a problem.  I needed almost 40”.  I thought Wicks made a mistake but when I looked at the Sonex hardware list that was current as of my Wicks order, Sonex said you only needed three feet.  Sonex has changed their hardware list and it now calls out the correct amount of material.  I don’t know if Wicks has changed their hardware kit.

      The bending of the stainless went very well, the drilling didn’t.  It was a pain and there are a lot of holes.  It dulled my high speed drills very quickly.  In the end I used a very small drill as a pilot and then opened everything up to 3/32” and then to final size.

      It looks nice though.